What does it takes to develop Renewable Energy?

Global renewable energy investments are driven by varying factors and needs, depending on the geography and level of development. The energy demand in industrial countries is projected to decline over the next twenty years as outdated and inefficient infrastructure is replaced by more sustainable solutions in an effort to reduce cost and carbon emissions.

ENTRADE X wants to actively aid the global transition from the fossil fuels into clean, sustainable, and zero waste energy by streamlining the funding of micro-grid solutions and new green technologies.

If generating electricity, heating and cooling from waste-streams in small units were easy, everyone else would be doing it! Massive amounts of waste, especially plastic waste, ends up in landfills or in the ocean. Until ENTRADE’s advanced technology came along, it has not been possible to convert this waste into anything useful without causing harmful emissions causing all new problems.

What we have now is a base-load dependable, fully renewable, carbon negative power generator designed to replace diesel generators at a fraction of the cost. Units used in clusters are fully automated for a scalable, movable, reliable energy supply generated from existing waste or fuel from plants, such as elephant grass, that can be planted locally.

Will you come and support us on this renewable energy project? Will you do something to make a difference for a better world? Join us now and together we can make a better world!


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