How to turn Plastic Waste into Energy?

How to turn Plastic Waste into Energy?
Image Source: Entrade at CNN News

The simple logic is to combine biomass and plastic waste and burn it. It will release heat, and the steam that came out of it gets pressured into a turbine to spin it. The spinning turbine will then drive a generator to create electricity energy. Biomass has been the biggest contributor to this system, and this system has been able to reduce quite a big percentage of unused waste all around the world. ENTRADE hope to continue doing so with our technology, both for a much cleaner environment and to bring easier energy access to people in need that lives in remote areas around the globe.

Renewable energy in currently sitting in a very prospective state. Countries like China, Costa Rica, Portugal, and most countries in Europe have started doing the action to turn their operational power source into renewable energy technology. Investors are flooding in for years. Will you join this wave of future energy source? Act now with us, and we can enjoy the benefit in a few years to come!


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