The Future Blockchain Marketplace for Social Impact Renewable Energy Projects

The time is right for Impact Energy Investments in Asia and Africa.
Bringing a new level of transparency and cost efficiency to energy project financing. ENTRADE Technology – Made in Germany – was voted “Best German Engineering Product” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology at Hannover Trade Fair 2016 and is the backbone of the ENTRADE IO innovative micro-grid power development platform. The ability to provide affordable electricity, heating, cooling and water is made possible through the experience of the ENTRADE and Arensis team that has raised over EUR 100Mil. for renewable energy projects to date.
Building the world’s largest decentralized utility!
100% Renewable + 100% Decentralized = 100% Impact

Our Accomplishments

ENTRADE’s units are popping up all over the world, including near the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster where they’re converting irradiated timber
Fast Company Feature 2018
ENTRADE Technology – Made in Germany – was voted “Best German Engineering Product” by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology at Hannover Trade Fair 2016
Handelsblatt Energy Awards 1st


Rural Electrification Pilot in India


The Latest from ENTRADE IO

More about Entrade X

Tweet ENTRADE.io PTE LTD. has been founded by Julien Uhlig, the CEO of Arensis and former CEO of the Entrade Energiesysteme AG, German companies building innovative, high social impact hardware and software for renewable energies, especially waste to energy innovations. Entrade X (or Entrade.io) has been registered in Singapore, August 2018, as a separate legal

When was the First Heating System used?

TweetImage source: Antiquealive.com The origins of the concept of heated flooring are first noted in Korea as far back as 5,000 BC. There is evidence to suggest that they had baked or heated floors which would later become known as ‘ondol’, meaning ‘warm stone’. By 3,000 BC they were using a fire hearth, both for

Learning from the Tragedy

Tweet“California’s drought affects everyone in the state, from farmers to fishermen, business owners to suburban residents, and everyone has a role to play in using precious water resources as wisely and efficiently as possible.” – Frances Beinecke. Source: brainyquote The recent fire tragedy in California has brought the public into realization that we must start


Blockchain Technology – The Missing Piece

Billions of people around the world lack access to reliable and affordable energy. Outdated grid infrastructures threaten regions and even countries with a limited transmission, power cuts, price volatility, and cyber-attacks.

It’s clear that customers, power generators, and energy off-takers suffer from inefficient energy storage, transfer, and missing infrastructure. Energy waste and pollution are the fundamental global problems of our time.

The micro-grid technology, mobile & self-sustainable generators, solar systems, and energy storage batteries will offer technological and structural solutions to our energy problems.

The global transition from fossil fuels into clean, sustainable, zero-waste energy – establishing micro-grid solutions, will enable growth and transformation for communities, businesses, and neighborhoods.


Technology - Made in Germany

An established multi-award-winning brand in the energy business
Experienced team in the energy industry with an existing track record and the project pipeline
Existing global IT infrastructure = 211 units in 11 countries
Patented technology including proprietary decentralized hardware and software for renewable energy, transfer, and storage


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