Energy (R)evolution

Investment in the global transition from fossil fuels into clean, sustainable, zero waste energy by streamlining the development funding of micro-grids and new green energy solutions for the future is in your hands.

Blockchain in the Energy Market

Many projects related to micro-grids and rural areas are deemed too risky to be available on the stock markets. It’s connected to the high cost of screening and researching such projects in remote areas and inability to control and monitor their development.

Many large projects are doomed to fail from the start as they attract corruption, regional resistance, and incredible costs of trying to assemble the already expensive infrastructures. Smaller projects, coming from within communities can’t easily find funding or bank loans. They lack the expertise, finance, and scalability to be profitable.

The access to the untapped developing markets could provide investors with incredible opportunities and massive ROIs while helping local communities and the environment. By applying blockchain technology and developing the ENTRADE ENERGY PLATFORM, thus creating a digital token (cWh) to represent renewable energy units we allow investors to donate and finance develop small, remote projects.

With our 10+years of expertise and micro- grid technologies and decentralized energy generators, we are able to kickstart renewable energy projects around the world and help them develop and efficiently manage their energy.


Will use the platform to directly invest in renewable energy projects in developing countries.


will trade services such as fuel growing, transportation, land leases and other services for direct pre-paid energy supply as well as tradable tokens.


will receive tradable tokens for the production of energy


will donate direct energy without losses to their favourite energy project with complete transparency and minimal transaction losses.


Initial Coin Offering

The ENTR token will be created on Ethereum platform compatible with ERC-20 wallets.
The token generation event will see 250 million tokens produced, 170 million for the sole purpose of the sale.
CWH is a completely separate utility tokens that plans to will be used for trading, developing, investing, and purchasing renewable energy units similarly to futures commodities. This is to be developed.
The tokens will be pre-sold at 1 ENTR = 1USD All unsold tokens would be burned.
The tokens will be available for purchase using BTC, ETH, and FIAT currencies upon completing registration and the whitelisting procedures.
After the launch of the Entrade IO platform, the ENTR tokens will be exchanged into Crypto- Watt-Hours (CWH) energy units.

Making a Difference is our Mission


Platform Blockchain Features

Entrade IO is creating an Ethereum based platform to allow trading and monitoring of the renewable energy units (cWh).

The platform links the management of the investment to the monitoring of the energy units created, managed and sold in real-time. Developers, investors, donors, and customers can see live how energy, as well as funds, are transferred via OPCUA Open Data protocols running on IPSec2 hardware encrypted data channels.

This way, financial investment as well as social and climate impact can be monitored and monetized in real time.

The platform is a complete marketplace and enable parties to:

  • Scan new renewable energy projects to invest in
  • Donate or invest in the most interesting and exciting projects in rural locations and developing countries
  • Pre-purchase energy directly from small, green energy producers from all over the world
  • Monitor green energy units production, management, and purchases

How tokens will increase in value

ENTRADE’s IO will benefit from fees for transactions processed on the platform, ENTR with platform tokens increasing in value with the rising number of projects financed, executed, and monitored through the ENTRADE ENERGY PLATFORM.IO platform.

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