Microplastics inside Turtles

Microplastic particles and tiny fibers were found in the guts of more than 100 turtle carcasses from the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean.” 

Image Source: A video by Independent.co.uk

Senior author Professor Brendan Godley said: “It is a clear sign that we need to act to better govern global waste.”

Louise Edge, plastics campaigner at the environmental group, said: “This important research demonstrates the breadth of our plastics pollution problem. Our society’s addiction to throwaway plastic is fueling a global environmental crisis that must be tackled at source.”

It is a serious matter and we totally have to act on this. By combining plastic waste with pelletized biomass, Entrade’s power plant will be able to turn them into gas replacement. The hot gas is then used to create electricity, hence our concept of distributing renewable energy to areas that need it most, while also reducing global waste.

We hope to create a waste-free world. Follow our social media channels for more details!

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