Green Taxes

Image Source: / Reuters

Do you know that one of the way global governments reduce fossil fuels utilization is by applying “green taxes”?

The green taxes have been controversial recently, being one of the cause of the yellow vest fuel tax protests in France. There are 2 different opinions when it come to the green taxes. When applied carefully and at the right target, it gains support from the public and quite a reverse when the less fortunate group have to suffer from it.

According to this article by BBC News, a quite positive reaction were gained by Australia: “A very different Robin Hood policy in Australia deliberately re-directed carbon taxes to help the worse-off. It took the $5bn Australian dollars ($3.6bn; £2.9bn) of annual profits from a carbon tax on industry and diverted it to the poor by introducing lower income taxes and higher welfare payments. Most households – and just about all poor households – were better off as a result, whereas richer households bore most of the costs, according to Prof Frank Jotzo from the Australian National University in Canberra.”

With global warming threat on the rise to a more urgent state, even the World Bank is making quite big contribution in order to support the swift into renewable energy utilization as part of a climate change solution. With global movement towards renewable energy going on right now, our power plants are the best biowaste-to-energy solutions! Join us for a walk towards the future of energy!

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