Climate Neutral 2050

The European Union says it is aiming to become the first major economy to go “climate neutral” by 2050

Image Source: BBC News / Getty Images

What is climate neutrality?
Climate neutrality means your emissions are balanced by methods of removing warming gases from the atmosphere. So the warming emissions that are created by cars and power plants should be counteracted by the greenhouse gases removed from the air by the planting of new forests or through carbon capture technologies which would see the CO2 buried underground.

Under the plan, emissions of greenhouse gases after that date would have to be offset by planting trees or by burying the gases underground.The EU says the move will also cut premature air pollution deaths by 40%. 

As carbon emissions are caused by fossil fuel, the EU can be seen in the process of switching into renewable energy. Despite some countries are worried that further cuts on fossil fuel utilization would threaten their industries, by 2050, majority of European daily operations would have to run by the renewables.

For more than a decade, ENTRADE has been exploring ways to convert waste-streams into a natural gas replacement that can be used in most applications where natural gas or propane/butane is currently used. What we have now is a base-load dependable, fully renewable, carbon negative power generator designed to replace diesel generators at a fraction of the cost. Units used in clusters are fully automated for a scalable, movable, reliable energy supply generated from existing waste or fuel from plants.

We are more than happy to contribute to the Climate Neutrality plan!

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